IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 118

Some people think that we should invent a new language for international communication. Do the benefits of this outweigh the problems?

There are so many languages around the world, thereby discouraging people from different regions or cultures to communicate with each other. To overcome this obstacle, some people propose to invent a new language which will be used as an “international language” among people who come from different areas. Although this proposal seems reasonable, I personally see more disadvantages than advantages of inventing a new language.

First of all, a new language would not be accepted by many people because it would be artificial and not based on any culture. In addition, people would have to spend time to learn the grammar and the words of the new language.

Secondly, promoting a new language requires financial support and a lot of time. For instance, in some countries such as China and India there are many languages because it is financially unrealistic to teach everyone in poor areas one language. Although this might be achieved finally, it will take as long as a hundred years or even more.

Another reason against having a new language is that it is bound to be divided into dialects and so the whole purpose of having one language would be lost. For instance, in Punjab, a small state of India, the mother tongue Punjabi has two dialects which are quite different from each other. So it would be unrealistic to expect one language without different dialects in the whole world.

Finally, we all know that variety is the spice of life and language is related to culture. So, if we have one language spoken in the whole world, then it would be a dreary and dismal place to live in.

To sum up, although there would be benefits such as easy trade and travel, inventing a new language for the international communication is not a good idea because of the various reasons given above. In my opinion it is totally a waste of time and money to invent a new language because its advantages cannot outweigh its disadvantages

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