IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 167

Some people think that university students should specialize in one subject, while others think universities should encourage students to learn a range of subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion.?

It is a highly debated issue as to whether students at university should concentrate on one subject or study a multitude of subjects. In this essay I intend to discuss the benefits of both approaches. However, I personally feel that studying a range of subjects is better for university students.

There are many advantages, for students, of studying a number of subjects. The first and foremost advantage is that if they don’t get a job in their field they will be able to get any job related to their other subjects. They will not suffer unemployment and they will not be stuck to menial jobs despite being highly qualified.

Moreover, a well rounded education is very important in today’s time. Without a diverse background, a graduate will not be competent in any job. For example, excellent communication skills are very important while looking for a job. For that you need a basic English class. Most jobs require problem solving skills which you get from basic knowledge of math and science. For instance, a doctor specializing in MRI scan, needs to have a good knowledge of physics – magnetism etcetera.

Another advantage is that, learning a range of subjects can add spice to the students’ studies. Students may be fed up with study when they concentrate on one subject constantly. Finally, it is well known that most of the subjects are linked to each other, to some extent. With a range of knowledge, students can find different solutions to approach the problems they encounter either at work or in life, which will definitely make them more creative and innovative in the field they specialize in. Clearly, the students with all-round knowledge have an apparent advantage over those specializing in only one subject.

On the other hand, the only advantage of studying only one subject at university would be that it would make you a master in that field and you stand a chance of getting a high-paid job in that field.

In conclusion, I believe that, studying a variety of subjects is beneficial to the university students. In this case, not only can the students better themselves, but also become adaptable and flexible in the increasingly challenging and competitive world. It is advisable that students spend time learning more subjects instead of focusing on one specific subject, so that they can prepare themselves for the global society.

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