IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 170

Some people think students should learn more practical courses like computer, but others think they should learn more about theoretical courses like geography and mathematics. Discuss both views and give your opinion.?

The debate on whether theoretical subjects are more important or practical are more important has been raging for ages. Some individuals are of the opinion that pupils should be taught more practical courses like computers but others hold the view that theoretical subjects are more important. In this essay I intend to discuss both views and finally give my opinion.

Those in favour of theoretical courses say that to be practically successful we need to have a strong and solid theoretical foundation. Though practicality counts but it is like half knowledge if no theoretical knowledge is gained. Moreover, theory provides powerful tools to deal with the world around us and the body within ourselves. For example, medical theories help us combat diseases, economic theories explain inflation and unemployment, gravity theory explains the presence of planets. Even marketing which was once thought to be purely practical is based on statistical data which require maths knowledge.

Those who advocate practical courses say so because today is the era of computers and technology. They feel that such subjects have more job opportunities. What they don’t take into consideration is that as far as the basic knowledge of such subjects is there it is all practical, but if you have to go into computer programming, you need to have your mathematical concepts clear.

In my opinion, both practical and theoretical subjects go hand in hand and each has their own significance. Theory and practical are interrelated. Theory is the basis of all practical knowledge. For example a person becomes a doctor in five and a half years, which has four and a half theory plus one year practical. So, for the overall development of the students a mix of all subjects should be there.

In conclusion, I believe that, both theory and practical subjects have their own importance. Both should be incorporated in the school curricula.

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