IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 180

Some people think that computers and the Internet are more important for a child’s education than going to school. But others believe that schools and teachers are essential for children to learn effectively. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.?

Some individuals opine that computers and the internet have become an indispensable part of education and therefore schools and teachers do not play a significant role in education. Others say that for effective learning, schools and teachers are still indispensable. In the following paragraphs, I intend to discuss both views followed by my opinion.

It is an undeniable fact that teachers can never lose their importance. In learning and practice of more complex ideas, the computer is not adequate. It can tell if the answer is right or wrong but it cannot tell where the student went wrong. Tasks involving reasoning cannot be taught using computers. Moreover, teachers add their own knowledge gained through experience to that of books and other resources.

Furthermore, teachers can stimulate interest and it is an undeniable fact that interested stimulated people tend to learn more. They can keep students focused on study. They can provide a faster and simpler way to present information to the students. They can come down to the level of a student and so are definitely better than computers. What is more, teachers are role models for students. They are scholars in action. They not only teach academic subjects, but also many social skills.

Schools are places where students learn many social skills apart from academic education. There are also practical subjects which students can learn best from the teacher. For example, experiments of physics and chemistry are best learnt by the teacher guiding you at every step in the school setting. What is more, teachers in schools give assignments and regularly check them. This helps the teachers to recognise the weak points of students and guide them accordingly. All this cannot be done by the internet and computer.

On the other hand, it is also true that the internet is an ocean of knowledge. You can get information about any topic on Earth from the internet. But there is no authenticity of this information. What information to get and from where to get requires a lot of expertise. Students still need the guidance of the teachers at all stages of learning. Teachers can make even the dull and boring subjects seem interesting. So definitely students learn more from teachers.

In conclusion, I can say that, no doubt computers and internet have become important in education but the role of schools and teachers can never be undermined.

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