IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 201

Advertising influences people to buy things such as clothes and shoes. What are the problems caused by that? What solutions can be given.?

It is irrefutable that advertising promotes consumerism. In this essay I intend to explore the problems caused by excessive consumerism and suggest some ways forward.

To begin with, advertisements can cause people to be dissatisfied with what they already have and make them want more. Being exposed again and again to products which one cannot afford leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, not all parents are in a position to afford the goods which the children see advertised and want to possess. This often leads to feeling of inadequacy among the less well off.

In addition to this advertisements create materialism. It is a fact that people are prepared to work longer hours and even turn to crime to buy these material goods. Last but not least, excessive consumerism leads to a throw-away culture which is detrimental to the environment.

The solutions are not simple. Advertisements cannot be banned because they are a source of valuable revenue which is used for the benefit of majority. The onus is on the people not to get carried away and buy only what they actually need. The government can, however, ban unnecessary packaging. Furthermore, educating people is a crucial tool against excessive consumerism. People could be made to understand how they are exploited by the adverts. It is also vital to teach our children financial management right from the early years. This way there will be less chance for them to be swayed by the advertisements.

In conclusion, I believe that, advertising does promote consumerism but people could be educated about the ill effects of excessive consumerism.

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