IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 204

Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out, although people have been aware of this problem for a long time. Why do people do so little about it? Give your suggestions on how to solve this problem.?

It is irrefutable that people know about the endangered animal and plant species but don’t take enough efforts to save them. In the following paragraphs I shall discuss the reasons why people are so indifferent towards this problem and suggest some ways forward.

There are many reasons why people are doing so little about it. Firstly, people nowadays are very busy coping with the pace of the 24/7 society that this global village is offering. They are running mad in the rat race of material comforts and working hard to achieve them. They have become victims of this consumerist society and as a consequence, have become workaholics. They don’t have time to care about animals and plants. They don’t even know that their luxuries are at the cost of animal and plant life.

Furthermore, they are unaware about the consequences of the extinction of animal and plant species. For instance, they don’t know that if the ecological chain is disturbed, it has an impact on them only in the long run. For example, there are many bat species that are becoming extinct. Such bats help keep the insect population in control. If these bats die then the insects will increase a lot and destroy our crops. So, we will have nothing to eat. In addition, many animals, like rodents, help in the dispersal of plant seeds and in the pollination of plants. Some of these plants are important for medical research and the development of medicines.

The solutions need to be implemented on a war footing. There should be increased awareness about consequences of this phenomenon. Secondly, with funding, biologists and naturalists can use their years of knowledge to help in the breeding of various animal species. Furthermore, since people are often responsible for habitat destruction, it is only right that they use some resources to help preserve whatever important wildlife habitats are left. Trees should not be cut for housing and furniture. Instead, high rise buildings should be made and aluminum doors and windows should be used.

In conclusion, I believe that, people should be made aware of the consequences of animal and plant extinction and active steps should be taken to preserve these species.

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