IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 216

Now, a lot of charities and organizations have to publicize their activities by setting up a number of days to name the special day like National Children’s day and National non smoking day. Why do they do so? What are the effects?

Charities and organizations are formed to help the needy sections of society. Generally they are NPOs or non-profit organizations. Nowadays it has been seen that they set up a number of days like ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘No Smoking Day’. In this essay I shall discuss the causes and effects of this phenomenon.

The main reason why these NPOs do so is to raise funds for their working. This is very essential because for every activity they do to help others, they need money and other resources. When they publicize their activities, they get people’s attention and so people contribute whole-heartedly. Sometimes, in times of calamities, they need a lot of funds and manual help. They need voluntary workers. For example, recently in Ladakh, a cloud-burst caused havoc. So many people lost their lives and there was so much damage of property. The Rotary Club and Jaycee Club of my hometown sent many volunteers to help. The government alone cannot be at all places. Because of such organizations people get timely help and a lot of burden is eased from the government’s shoulders.

When these organizations name special days, it brings people together. With more activities opened and more days named, more and more people will focus their attention and will put their time and energy and will realize the importance of doing for others. As a consequence, community spirit increases in society. As it is nowadays, people are getting self-centered and alienated from each other. So, such days are the need of the day.

Such days keep our youth in touch with our culture and traditions. With the exposure to global culture, youth today are forgetting their traditions. To establish some days may help the young people understand the importance of such events. Such days also increase awareness of offering help selflessly. Hence, some virtuous habit may pass from one generation to the other. Finally, such days deter people from bad habits. For e.g. on National No Smoking Day, people are made aware about the harmful effects of smoking.

In conclusion, I believe that, charities and NPOs publicize their activities because they need funds and they name certain days so that people come together and celebrate and realize the importance of their culture and tradition

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