IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 217

Newspapers have an enormous influence in people’s opinions and ideas. Why and do you think it is positive or negative situation?

In almost every modern society, newspapers have been playing an essential role in shaping people’s thoughts on a wide range of issues and are always regarded as an indispensable source of information. In my opinion, this phenomenon is both, negative as well as positive.

To begin with, all kinds of newspapers are full of information about this constantly changing world. They keep us abreast of what is happening all around us. Today, the whole planet Earth has shrunk into a small global village and it is very important to stay connected. In order to maintain their good reputation, most newspapers and magazines report actual events in a detailed way, providing not only factual information but also deep insights into complex social and political issues. In addition, their coverage and comments encourage young readers to form their own opinions on current affairs.

Not only that, newspapers also entertain us by providing us news about Hollywood, Bollywood, latest books and cartoon clippings. They are also a link between the government and the people. By writing letters to the editor, the common man can reach his voice to the higher authorities and be heard. Finally, newspapers and other media are very effective in providing justice. There is a lot of power in the pen of a journalist.

On the other hand, people should be fully aware of the downside of the journalistic dominance. More often than not, newspapers provide prejudiced and self-opinionated reports on sensitive issues, which can give rise to riots in a pluralistic (multicultural and multi-religious) society like India. On a less serious level, flooding the pages with trivial pieces of entertainment news and celebrity secrets is the usual way to sell their paper and keep people diverted from the more serious issues.

In conclusion, I believe that, newspapers of today are largely positive in their approach but people should also take all news with a pinch of salt and be able to judge for themselves what is right or wrong.

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