IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 218

Nowadays sending children to boarding school (either in other countries or in their own countries) is becoming increasingly popular. Why is it? Is it a positive development?

Boarding schools have been extensively debated – some consider them great boosters of a child’s all round development, and some as instruments of neglect of children’s emotional needs. Nowadays boarding schools are becoming very popular. This essay shall probe into the causes of this phenomenon and also discuss whether this trend is good or bad.

People send their children to boarding schools for a number of reasons. Some parents who work overseas or travel frequently choose to put their children in boarding school because they know how inconsistent they will be in parenting or in providing for the needs of their kids. Other parents choose boarding school for their children as a way for them to experience more of the world and to learn how to interact with diverse people from a young age. Still other parents put their children and teens in boarding school if they are having trouble disciplining their kids or keeping them out of trouble. Finally in this age of dual-income nuclear families, a child’s life and development often takes place in rather unsuitable circumstances and boarding schools can be a great place for children to be in.

Seen in such a light, the option of a boarding school is very good. After all, these schools are not just about studies – they also give a child time and exposure to a lot of other things like sports and art. Also, children in such schools are more likely to have stronger bonds with their friends, since they spend a lot of time together.

Of course, there are drawbacks such as homesickness. Moreover, children in residential schools have fewer day-to-day interactions with their family, and significantly less time to spend with their parents during their formative years. As a result, many parents who placed their kids in boarding schools fail to develop a close bond with their children.

In conclusion, I believe that, we cannot say whether the trend is positive or negative. It depends on an analysis the child’s needs and the circumstances of the family. Also, it is generally advisable not to send a very young child to boarding school.

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