IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 221

In most of the societies, the role of mother and father differs. What are the causes of this difference? What will be the parental roles in future?

(IELTS essay that came on 4th April 2009, India. ( Essay was written by Aastha and she scored 7.5 bands in writing)

Families are the building blocks of the society. Parents play an incredible, crucial and indispensable role for the development of children. Fathers and mothers both have an individuality and are equally responsible for the growth of the child physically, mentally and emotionally. But still most of the societies have a different thinking that their role differs. So here I would like to discuss the reasons of these differences.

In most of the societies especially the remote areas and villages people believe that role of mother s just to give birth to a child and look after child’s schooling, eating and home works and father is the one who brings the money for bread and butter and doesn’t have to do anything with the child’s care. Due to this women are deprived of working out and even the education. First and foremost reason for these differences is the people are illiterate and 60% of the people are still below the poverty line. They are not aware of the good and bad things. Secondly, they follow the old fuddy-duddy customs and traditions.

Thirdly I believe that in these old fashioned societies people don’t have family planning, birth rate is high so women are forced to sit at home and feed the children. And all the burden of child’s development comes on her shoulders and men have nothing to do except working and earning money. Just imagine if he is asked in which class his child studies he has to thinks so hard and even then he doesn’t recollect. If women go out and work then older people get skeptical and scold them as they are narrow minded.

But in the future the scenario will change. We are living in an era of globalization and westernization in 21st century. We are influenced of western culture. Nowadays people are educated, literate and aware of things and broadminded. Parents understand their responsibility and work equally for the holistic development of the child. And in the future conditions will improve a lot. Parents will plan the things for the bright and shiny future of their children. And they will be united and the child will not be deprived of the fathers love. Both will work so that they can do savings in the future for their child and presently in urban areas things are like this only.

So in the end to put it into a nutshell, I believe that, both the parents play an important role for overall development of child. The word parent is incomplete if anyone is missing. Like with a single hand we can’t clap, similarly if a single parent is there, the child’s development is incomplete. And we should remember – man has made these superstitions and old customs and we humans can only lessen them. Unity has a power so we all should stand together to aware those societies and make an egalitarian society in the future to make our children better individuals.

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