Being a Principal nowadays is not a smooth landing in one’s career. Students are gradually becoming the main force in the overall working of a school or a college. By bringing down the voting age to eighteen the government has given the youth additional rights in all the fields. With the general decline in the sense of discipline in the society these new voters will have an edge over everything. They may be in colleges. Still they would guide the destiny of the younger ones in schools. The Principal may find himself surrounded with thorny bushes.

It is of course desirable for the Principal to place his example before others. I will try my best to remain a good and punctual teacher. If a teacher is sincere he generally does not face problems of indiscipline. I am confident my teaching would help me in having a control over students. It would also inspire the teaching staff. On the one hand students would be benefited in acquiring knowledge, on the other there would be a perfect discipline in school. This may also neutralize the influence of outsiders.

A good library is the real treasury of an educational institution. I will add more useful books to the library. I will separate the Reading Room from the main library. It would have a large number of magazines in which good students are interested. They, like books, would be on different aspects of life on the Earth. I would start a Reading Room contest. The essays on electronics, social aspects, economic development and political field would be awarded prizes on the annual day.

Sports and games are the life line of young boys. I will make efforts to have junior NCC in school and would inspire the senior boys to join. Besides this I will make games and sports compulsory for all. I will myself remain present at the play ground and would request other members of the staff to participate in these activities.

Character, of course, is the backbone of the youngsters. But mere sermons won’t help the boys. Character and morality flow downwards. If we want to establish morality among boys, if we want they do not indulge in copying in the examinations we must help the weak boys. I will start special classes for such students. The overall development of boys requires the total utilization of energies in the right direction. This would mean revamping the extracurricular activities. Some students are interested in debates, other in dramatics. I will organize these activities on a better footing with the help of enthusiastic teachers. One of the essential things in the society is social work. Although NSS activities are very good yet they are not taken in the right spirit. I will start classes in the localities of the backward classes for their children. Our students would engage these chaps.

Thus I will make best of efforts to utilize the extra energies of young boys and create a sense of discipline and character in them. They should be able to realize that they are an asset to the nation and have to build the nation.