IF I WIN A LOTTERY; Essay Topics


“If wishes were horses beggars would ride.” Winning a lottery is just a fancy seldom realized. I just wonder millions of people purchase lottery tickets. Only one gets the first prize. Thus it is a hope against hope. Still my eyes are on Kerala lottery which promises Rs. 9 lakhs as the first prize. My schemes are such that the first prize of one lakhs won’t serve my purpose.

I have a complex in my mind that I was not able to join a Convent School. Some of my friends who study in these schools look down upon me. I know that their only achievement is that they can speak English fluently. In other subjects their standard is quite low. I have a fancy to have an English medium non-convent school. My father tells me it requires near about Rs. 20 lakhs to start a good school. That is why I have an eye on Kerala lottery. With the money that I will have I will establish a trust. The trust will start such an institution.

I will not keep even a single penny with me. Money attracts money. The trust will raise more funds. I will approach people with patriotic leanings who would contribute for the cause. Students in Convent schools are brought up under the sway of European culture. They forget Indian culture and traditions. Sometimes they hate our traditions. In our school the only European thing would be the English language as medium. The students will be taught to respect the culture and traditions of our country.

There is a craze for English among the people these days. This institution will satisfy this craze of the people. It is of course a challenge for anyone to compete with Convent schools. They enjoy many facilities in India as they are being run by a minority community. I have a group of friends who are ready to face the challenge. Let us hope that we may win some more lotteries so that we may expand our plans and show better performance than the convent institutions.