If there were no examinations the students would land on a heaven. It may lead them nowhere. But they would be free from the drudgery of the examinations. Studies for them are a funny thing. It is no more an orchard of knowledge. The text books—the real fruits and flowers have no attraction for them. They go for selective studies done through selective books— notes and guides. These are the short cuts—sure hits that lead them through the maze of examinations. The maze crossed, they achieve the goal. No examinations—no goal—no books—not even short cuts, and they have to go nowhere. The strenuous two months before the examinations too will be left for relaxation or the hot chase of revelry. The silver screen and television ads prepare them for a lot of fun in life.

One may doubt about the existence of educational institutions, especially Colleges, if there are no examinations. Some may disappear. But some would remain. They are already known for fun and frolic. The youthful romance is always there. College unions would be more important than the classes. The classes may run. But the teachers will have to arrange programmes in the classes to attract the students. There are already some who are perfect in this art. Serious teachers would be devalued and may lose their jobs.

Finally the greatest losers would be those who run classes. The market of tuitions, of guess papers and guides would be nowhere. The whole group of these contractors will be hard struck.

The world of academicians, poor souls! What they would do. Will they be in a position to induce the students to study in Colleges to acquire knowledge? They may if the education that is imparted brings some material gains. The slogan ‘education for the sake of knowledge’ won’t work. If they can find a formula that ensures success in life they may have crowds to back. If they cannot devise such a method the schools and colleges may have a ghostly appearance.