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My School Library or the Importance of a School Library

A library is a treasure-house of knowledge. So a good library is of great importance in a school.

A good library has a huge collection of books on various subjects. In the library, there are different types of books, maga­zines, periodicals and newspapers available for reading. The students benefit a lot from the school library. They can increase their knowledge by reading different books on various topics. Thus a good library is an asset to a school as it is a store-house of information.

As in all the other schools, we also have a good library- in our school. It is housed in a long, large hall in one wing of the school building. There are about 15,000 books on various subjects in our library. There are biographies, text books, books on literature, reference books, books on hobbies, travels and adventure, story books, novels and short story collections. Besides, there are good magazines and periodicals too. There is a qualified and experienced librarian in charge of the library. The books have been neatly arranged and kept in shelves and almirahs. The books are arranged subject-wise. There is a catalogue giving a classified list of the books, with a number for each book.

All the students of our school have been issued two library cards. If a student wants a particular book, he has only to write the name and number of the book and submit it to the librarian. He would then be given the book. Each student can get two books at a time. The books are issued for ten days at a time. If a student fails to return a book on the due date, then he has to pay a nominal fine. Each class is given a particular day in a week to borrow the books from the library.

Our school library has a reading room where a large table is placed. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines are placed on the table daily for the use of students. Students can sit around the table and read materials of their choice. The walls of the room are decorated with good motto telling the students about the use of different books and magazines. There is a news board on which the important news items of the day and a ‘thought for the day’ are written. We have two library periods in a week. We make use of these periods by sitting in the library and reading.

The school library is a good way to develop general knowl­edge. A school without a good library cannot inspire its students to seek higher knowledge. Both teachers and students need a good library to keep their knowledge fresh and up-to-date. Students can acquire study habits by making use of the library. It creates in them a taste and love for books and reading. Biographies of noble souls help to form the character of students. Poor students who cannot afford to buy their own books Carl get them from the school library. Students who do not find a congenial atmosphere in their homes can make use of the library after school hours. The school library gives opportunities to make the best use of one’s leisure time. Good, books are the best friends of a student. So it is very essential that they should make the best use of them and always try to increase their knowledge by reading them.

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