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The Use and Abuse of Advertisements

Modern advertisement is a skilful way of blowing one’s own trumpet. The most successful businessman is he who knows the secret of effective advertisement. A clever advertiser knows how to squeeze money even from a miserly consumer. Advertisements are broadcasted by means of newspaper, radio, television, cinema, etc.   New devices are adopted every day for the purpose of advertisement.

Essay Writing Topics Importance of Advertisments

Advertisement has its advantaged. We are living in the age of advertisements. Advertisements are the life-line of business today. The smallest and the biggest traders alike use the techniques to advertise their goods and services. Nowadays the world has become very competitive. In this age of competition, goods cannot be sold without proper advertisement. The consumers would not know of the existence of many good things if they were not advertised.    Advertisement can help the public in choosing and buying the best in the market. The results of new discoveries and inventions and the devices for comfortable living are made known to the public through advertisement. Advertise­ments bring profit to the producers and offer a wide choice for the public.

The employment column in newspapers is very helpful to unemployed people. Matrimonial advertisements help marriages to take place. Advertisements of missing goods and persons, of plots and shops to let or for sale, etc. are very useful and informative. Thus advertisement has become necessary in every walk of life. Advertisement is the main source of income for the newspapers, magazines, television and radio. They are advantageous for both consumers and producers. Models earn a lot of money by acting in advertisements.

Advertisement has many disadvantages too. The number of advertisements has increased a lot. Often people are misled and confused by dishonest people who push up the sale of worthless things. People think that whatever comes in print is true. Useless foods and medicines are sold by means of effective advertisements and this is dangerous to public health. There is another danger of advertisement. More money is spent on advertisements than in the making of goods. Producers believe that if they spend more on advertisements, they will get a good market for their goods. Cheap goods are sold at high prices to meet the cost of advertisements. Advertisements of cigarettes, liquor, etc. may mislead the young generation. Alluring and glamorous posters become the cause of accidents on busy roads. They spoil the beauty of walls too.

With the growth of new techniques, advertisements have taken a new shape. Novelty of ideas is reflected in the advertisements. The motive of advertisement should be public service and not private gain. If this motive is present, advertisements can do good to producers and consumers.

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