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The Importance of Literacy

Educated and skilled people are an asset to the nation. Literacy helps a nation in her economic development, social progress, political progress, and scientific and cultural progress. It helps t& abolish social evils and to do away with religious intolerance.

Of all creatures, human beings alone can think. Education helps thinking and increases wisdom and efficiency. Illiteracy is a curse. There are many people all over the world who are still illiterate. Illiteracy leads to ignorance and superstition. So, all the countries of the world are trying to eradicate illiteracy. They raise the slogan of “Education for all.” The U.N.O and many other international organizations give financial and technical assistance to solve this grave problem.

India is a democratic country. The success of democracy depends on the quality of the citizens. Literacy enhances the quality of the citizens. Literacy is a pre -requisite for the efficient functioning of democracy. It is the first step which makes it possible for a citizen to read anything for himself. The ability to read and write opens the windows of the mind. If democracy is to succeed, people have to make correct choices. Only a literate public can choose suitable candidates to the legislature and evaluate the policies and programs of the government. An educated electorate will not tolerate a bad government for long.

Literacy helps to increase efficiency. The spread of literacy increases participation of people in the nation building process and contributes to greater development. Literacy makes people conscious of their rights and duties. This in turn prevents exploitation. Illiteracy is one of the stumbling blocks to progress. The ability to read gives individuals greater strength to deal with the world and greater access to information. Literacy will thus strengthen democracy and accelerate development.

People can resort to different types of economic activities. Moreover, the rural poor and farmers can learn more about modern science and technology and can make use of these ideas in agriculture and rural industry. This will lead to economic growth. Social justice can be provided only with complete literacy.

Education helps a lot to abolish social evils, communalism and parochialism. Religious narrow-mindedness can be eliminated to a greater extent. Thus literacy is essential for leading a smooth and successful life.

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