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Essay writing on The Importance of Rivers and their Preservation

Rivers are the arteries of a country. Men, plants, and animals cannot live without water. Water is the basis of all life. One of the most important sources of water is rivers.

For centuries, rivers have played an important place in hu­man life. The early civilizations sprang up on the river banks. Ancient people knew the fertility of the river valleys. They settled down there and began to cultivate the fertile valleys. Slowly such river valleys became great centres of culture. Rivers originated in the mountains and they carry down rock and sand and soil from the mountain sides. These rivers enter the plains and their waters move slowly and the solid materials which they carry sink to the bottom and is deposited as fertile soil. When the rivers overflow, the fertile soil is deposited on the banks of rivers. Thus all the rivers are constantly bringing fresh fertile soil to the fields of the cultivators.

Rivers are very helpful to agriculture. Many people depend only on rain water for agricultural purposes. Rivers are the sources of the wonderful irrigation system which has turned deserts into productive farms. River water can be used for agriculture by constructing dams. Proper irrigation helps to convert vast areas of waste land into fertile regions.

Rivers are important highways. They provide the cheapest method of transport. Before the introduction of road and railway transport, the large rivers were the means of transportation and communication. Even today, the traffic on navigable rivers is important. Inland navigation is important in many countries of the world.

Rivers bring minerals down from hills and mountains. Dams are constructed across the rivers to generate hydel power, to preserve wild life, to develop inland navigation, to develop fisheries and to encourage tourism. Thus rivers help a country in its economic growth.

It is a sad thing that people have not realized the importance of rivers. The water rivers carry now contains pesticides and chemicals used as manure and poisonous wastes from factories. The banks of rivers are dirty and unhygienic. It is high time that we put an end to this state of affairs. Rivers must be preserved. We should not wait for the Government to do the cleaning of rivers. People should take the initiative to keep the rivers clean. All western countries keep their rivers and river banks clean and beautiful. Rivers are one of the best gifts of nature. We must strive to keep them clean and preserve them for our own existence and also for the  future generation.

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