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The Importance of Sports and Games

The ideal of a good and perfect life is “to have a sound mind in a sound body. To enjoy sound health, physical exercise is essential. Sports and games play an important role in the physical and mental development of any person. As far as students are concerned, sports and games have more importance than to any other persons. The classroom situation often makes the child bored and his muscles cramped. Sports and games give them bodily and mental relaxation.

Games and sports symbolize the youth of a nation. They keep the nation young as they keep the people young. The intellectual growth of a nation too depends upon its physical health. Sports and games help in building up not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. They teach young people discipline and obedience. By observing the rules of a game, a person learns to respect the rights of his opponent also. These rule? teach us to honour a good foe, to praise him when he does well and to keep our temper when we are beaten. Team spirit and fellow- feeling are acquired while participating in a team event. Victory is a combined affair and not an individual one. Loyalty, unity and co­operation are also imbibed.

Sports and games encourage a spirit of healthy competition. Both the victor and the vanquished gain. The competition is perpetual. Thus sports and games are conducive to a sense of healthy competition as well as to perpetual efforts. Once it becomes a habit, it enters all our activities. Games and sports inculcate in us a sense of sportsmanship. We enjoy also the victory of our rivals and shake hands with them. It is not the victory that counts, but how we played the game. It is on the games field that the young learn to take victory or defeat in a sporting spirit. This is a lesson which is necessary throughout life.

The importance of sports and games in life was realised from ancient times as is shown by the origin of the Olympics. Today, they are given importance from school and college level to the international level. Sports and games have helped to promote
good will among the nations of the world. Since the aim of education is the all-round development of a person, sports and games should be given the same importance as any other subject in the curriculum. Thus, it is clear that sports and games have
many physical, mental and moral uses.

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