The toy library is an ideal opportunity for children to get together, get away from the idiot box and pick up educative procedures and values. Toys help children to improve memory, instill discipline, enhance the child’s mental ability, and broaden his vision. Going beyond, toy libraries enable the children to handle public property with a sense of responsibility and it develops a healthy sense of sharing. There is frankness and honesty, and vividness in the way children state themselves, twist and turn and lose their sharp edges. The child learns to understand him and others a little better and extend emotional hospitality to others in a more generous way. Many schools have imbibed the concept into their curriculum, jails too have adapted it to suit requirements for the children of women prisoners and hospitals have made use of it for sick children. Juvenile centres are also taking a big lead in hoping on to the concept for gains in mental development. According to psychiatrists, play therapy is a more formal and structured form of treatment used widely by professionals.