The importance of maintaining the independence of judiciary is important in the life of a nation. What is the judiciary? It is machinery for the dispensation of ‘justice’ which all persons as sons of God have the right to receive. Justice means an equal and just treatment to every individual. In doing this, the judiciary is expected to judge each case on its merit and should not be moved by any extraneous considerations. It should keep in mind that any invasion or undermining of this right will shake the very foundation of society.

Judiciary acts as the protector and interpreter of the constitution which is the life blood of freedom. In case of mal-administration or oppression by executive or legislature in formulating certain laws unfavourable to the citizens. Judiciary acts as the last resort for the protection of the helpless millions.

Thus any influence by the powerful executive or legislature on judiciary can hardly pass throw our mental horizon – leave alone all other impossible dreams.

We infer therefore that is protecting the citizen from injustice directed by political administrative and other organs, the importance of independence of judiciary can hardly be debated.

History tells us that accumulation of power in hands of a few without impartial law has infact ruined great civilizations and is one proper definition of tyranny.

Independence of judiciary can hardly be dispensed with, even in the interest of perfecting executive strata. How can the officials be honest, independent, impartial and efficient if protective from law is not guaranteed?

We conclude thy stating that not only this section of society, intelligentsia, imbibed within partiality, be given full independence but be extended in its scope of guiding the executive in the act of administration of the economy, too, atleast in such fields as MIS A preventive detention act and many others. Independence of judiciary thus is an absolute necessity and least a choice.