If the past is any guide to the future, India ca propel itself in the new millennium with irrepressible optimism. Our present is moulded in the crucible of the past and what will be the shape of things to come will be decided by what and how we think and act today. People without vision do perish, but those who have a set a goal for themselves and strive to achieve it do succeed. The past millennium has produced titans in various fields and we can be proud that we are heirs to the legacy they have bequeathed to us.

Where on earth do we find on oasis of religious tolerance as in India? This country has been the cradle of almost all religions of the world. If there had been aberrations, it was due to the dirty work of party politicians. In the new millennium India’s pluralistic society in terms of its vast diversity, religious, languages, cultural legacy etc. will remain a model for the rest of the world. As a large part of the world is being consumed by religious hatred and fundamentalism of the worst kind, India would remain a world apart.

Despite all the mud one might fling at the politicians in India, we might still be proud of our democracy that has taken strong roots.

India has a very high potential in the sphere of tourism. Inspite of all the shortcomings India stands shoulder to shoulder with the developed nation. If our politicians, bureaucracy and citizens join hands we could even overtake any developed nations and reach the forefront.

Even if India is only a developing country, it has always secured a place among the prominent nations of the world. In the spheres of information technology and space technology India is a fore runner. Most of the software technicians in USA are Indians.  Lack of opportunities has created such a situation. However India has acquired a lot of advancement in the field.

India has achieved great heights in space technology. We are among the nations capable of launching their own satellites.

Many things need to be done if India is to make in different fields and catch up with the developed countries. We need officials fired with a missionary zeal who treat their work as prayer and who are prepared to work day and night to better the lot of the people and state affairs in the country. We can be proud of our handful bureaucrats and technocrats who have made India number one in milk production and made our cities like Seurat a model for others.