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The Influence of the Cinema

Cinema is one of the most beautiful wonders of science. It is a very popular source of recreation and relaxation to most people .It plays a very important role in our educational, social, political and moral life. The principal role of cinema is to provide entertainment and amusement. It is a comparatively cheap source of entertainment for the common man. It gives mental relaxation to people who want an escape from the worries of daily life.

Cinema is a source of education and information. It can teach literature, science, philosophy, culture and history. This is because pictorial representations are more interesting and impressive than book instruction. It keeps us in touch with the different parts of the world which we have not visited. Documentary films’also increase our knowledge regarding the latest happenings in our country and abroad. Education through film is interesting. In most of the developed countries, it has helped educationalists in giving practical training to students. It has been very useful in projecting big laboratories and factories in the class room. The most delicate feats in nuclear technology, mine working, engineering, etc., are screened and shown in detail to the students. The living world and the vast space can be brought within the reach of human knowledge.

Essay Writing Topics Influence of the Cinema

Cinema can be a great source of education in a backward country like India. It can teach people a lot of things regarding political, racial, religious, moral and other problems which challenge society. Good films help people to practise good manners and habits. The impression created by the film is permanent. Cinema can bring about many changes in the society. Social films dealing with the evils of drinking, dowry system, large family, casteism and communalism can promote interest to abolish them. Cinema can also bring about national integration among the people by stressing the emotional unity of the people.

However, commercial films produced with a view to gaining profit introduce elements of sex, violence and crime to attract the masses. Some of the modern films propagate wrong messages and values by presenting stories which show that anything is permissible to achieve wealth and position in life. All these have a bad influence on the youth. Films showing theft, robbery, murder, gambling and drinking mislead the young and they try to acquire these habits.

Cinema in itself is a great boon to mankind. It is man who turns it into a blessing or a curse by the way he uses it.

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