INTERNET WORLD: Essay topics


The world of cyberspace has gone beyond our imaginings and thoughts. It refers to the world of information super high ways. We know that the internet world is an addition of the computer network structure. It makes us live in magnificent world here. Computer screen serves us a single window for all our requirements and queries. The development of World Wide Web in Britain by the British computers Scientists, Timothy Lee was a universal revolution. It helps to unite millions of personal computers and databases across the world. Certain codes like HTML, URL, etc, have become rather common for the huge mass of personal computer holders and even others who obtain benefit of the internet.

       Internet helps to move data fast and efficiently. It offers to create our own sakes window on the www as also email to anywhere  as interactive data and voice communication .In 1995 ,Visdewsh Sanchar Nigam limited  had only 703 subscribes. However, in 1997 it grew to 60,000 customers, in 1998 it grew 1, 00,000 and in 1999, it is 2, 00,000.It is expected to be at least 10, 0000 by the year 2011.E-mail and e-commerce, e-education etc has gained immense popularity. Rediff on the net accepts Indian credit cards. Different banks have started money transaction through website.

       A very noteworthy improvement is giving access to the internet without even a computer. The condition is we must have television set. The condition is we must have a television set. The cable would pass the internet on to our television screen putting a set up box on it and connecting it with his own cable network. Cyber space is a phenomenon for the free world where all have the right to acquire information about everything .When a large number of people use it become a cyber phobia. Nevertheless, we cannot forget its dooms. It gives birth to evil ambition and unending disputes. It gives birth to evil ambitions and unending disputes. It changes social and cultural entity, as phonology, homosexual and heterosexual physical relations are available on screen. In addition there are large number of financial mafia and thieves. In addition, when we constantly focus the vision on screen, it results in ocular migraine, blurred or dim vision and chronic eye fatigue.