I have two uncles living abroad. One is in England and the other in the U.S.A. They have been writing constantly to my father to send me there during my summer vacations. This year my uncle, who is in England, invited me. I persuaded my father to allow me to visit him. He agreed after great persuasion. Dates and programme in connection with my departure were worked out. It was decided that I should travel by a British Airways plane. I applied for the passport and completed other formalities. After getting my passport, visa was obtained from the | British Embassy. I was asked to report an hour before the departure of the plane at the airline counter. I, along with my parents, who came to see me off, reached Indira Gandhi International Airport and reported at the counter of British Airways. The usual formality was gone through. They took away my suit-case and bag, after thorough examination for putting into the luggage room of the plane and allowed to have my brief case with me.

I boarded the plane. The air-hostess checked my ticket and led me to the seat marked in the chart. When all the passengers had boarded and the time for departure came, the doors were closed by the crew. Before the take off, an announcement was made that the passengers should fasten belts. The crew also distributed earplugs for our ears. I had a little difficulty with the seat belt, but an air-hostess came to my help. The plane took off smoothly and I was air-borne. Soon the air-hostess approached every passenger and asked politely if any one of us needed anything to eat. I took coffee and a cake-piece. The plane was flying at a very fast speed. After a few hours, we passed over Suez Canal and then over Cairo. As the flight was scheduled to be a non-stop, we did not land at Cairo. But after an hour or so, a message was flashed on the screen to fasten our seat-belts as we were landing at Rome airport. Again, I boarded the plane and we took off for London.

Now, it was day light. I saw through window-pane of the plan ships looking like toys. We passed over Paris Soon our plan touched down at Heathrow Airport. This was my destination and end of my journey. My uncle was at the airport to receive me. But I had to go through customs formalities before I could join him. It was the most exciting experience of my life.