MOTIVATION AS A CATALYST – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #73

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 73:


It is again the nature of the sales job that it can be repetitive. One call follows another, and many may involve saying essentially the same thing to each customer. I have already recommended tailoring the sales message, but the point remains. Because of this repetition and because there is often a low level of contact with head office, motivation is particularly important for sales personnel. And quite right too, you may say. It is possible that you would do better if you were better motivated (although you might be highly motivated already, of course), so can you stimulates the motivation process?


From electronics retail giant Richer Sounds….

Recently a colleague of mine bought a new television from this retail chain. He was impressed with the service and the selling – it was a purchase that needed to come with some sound advice – and was telling people at a committee meeting us both attend about it in very positive terms. Credit where credit is due: and there is nothing like word of mouth recommendation. He had been so impressed, in fact, that he had quizzed one of the sales staff about just why the service so good. The overall message was that Richer Sounds was a great company to work for.

It was also clear that motivation schemes were well in evidence, and the sales person described to him one scheme that involved the company Bentley. As an award for sales excellence, one of the team had use of a quality car for a period. The scheme was clearly well matched to the people it was designed for (and did not result in inappropriate pushy selling that might put customers off). Everyone gained, not least the customer.

This might provide a good example to mention to your manager. If a company like Richer Sounds can go these lengths, there is surely room for things to be taken further in your organization.

In practice

  • This is another area that can only be progressed via sales management.
  • A good sales manager can make average sales people excellent, but it does not just happen. In this case finding the right incentive (just part of the process) needs careful consideration.

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