LIFE IN A BIG CITY: Essay Topics


A big city is complex in itself. It is a city with vast population, numerous industries, housing complexes and slums. The problem of housing is an acute one. It is true that the government and some specific organizations make different types of efforts to solve it. However, every city has the housing problem of different magnitude. Everything is much costly and life is tough in big cities.

Large cities are mostly industrial centres with many problems of their own. There are dust, noise and water pollution of large magnitude that cripples human life to a great extent. Air, water and noise pollution cause different types of diseases. Some chronic diseases are also prevalent in cities.

Most of the poor and middle class families have to face shortage of drinking water and electricity supply. Their living conditions are also unhygienic and clumsy.

Transport system is available that helps the people of large cities. But at sometimes, it is inadequate and costly. Shortage of traffic is a great handicap for most of the people of large cities.

It is true that in large cities there are schools and colleges. But it fails to provide educational facilities to all. Many children fail to get admissions. In the absence of admissions many children remain illiterate.

To maintain law and order in the cities a large police force is required. If the administration is weak, many problems may emerge. Thus, a large city has many aspects of it.