Life in a village is a real blessing.  Villages are the abodes of peace, beauty, love and simplicity. The green and luxuriant vegetation, the flower plants and fruit trees, the green paddy and wheat fields, the pure air, the sweet singing of birds, the streams and rivers filled with clean and pure water and the healthy atmosphere are the attractions of the village life. Most great poets have been fascinated and inspired by the country side.

The life in the country is full of charms. In the villages things are quite different from what they are in cities. Natural surroundings, good water, fresh air and relaxed life give energy and make life more enjoyable. The country side is full of lush green vegetation, with coconut gardens and mango groves and small streams. There is absolute peace and no noise of motor horns and hawkers. The people are simple and they love and share with one another and live like one big family. The life in the countryside is simple and innocent. A village atmosphere gives relief to a tired mind.

Most people in a village are agriculturists. They cultivate their own land, producing grains, vegetables and fruits. Some others do manual labour. All the members in a family work in the fields. The work is done in healthy and pleasant surroundings. The people in a village have fresh air to breathe. The sweet songs of the birds remove the fatigue of hard work. In a village, one can enjoy the beauty and grandeur of nature.

The rising and setting of the sun are beautiful sights to watch. The green meadows fascinate everyone. The chirping of birds, the babbling of streams and the soft lowing of cows fill the hearts with joy. The villagers enjoy simple and pure food. Compared to the cities, crimes are less in villages. The relation between people is coordinal and harmonious.

But the life in a village has its own drawbacks. Most villages are devoid of the amenities of modern life. Educational and medical facilities, sources of recreation, and opportunities of employment are very limited. Most of the people are illiterate. Poverty, ignorance and the rise in population are a curse in the villages. So these poor, innocent people are exploited by the landlords, politicians and bureaucrats. The government has taken many steps to wipe out these evils from the villages. As a result, the face of the villages has changed.

The life in a village is contented and peaceful. The pleasure one derive from the life in a village is very great.