The discussion on the medium of instruction is even live in the country, especially in our state. The majority of men who participated in the discussion put forward the idea that the medium should be the mother tongue. Many articles from efficient scholars are being published indicating the importance of accepting mother tongue as medium.

In spite of all these efforts why is it that the medium of instruction is not Malayalam in almost all the schools other than government or aided schools? Why do they eager to get admission to public schools giving tens of thousands of rupees as donation?

This answer is very clear. The parents are not of the opinion that the medium of institution be the mother tongue atleast in primary classes. They prefer English to any other language. They seem to think that the ideals are to preach, not to implement in practical life. But no one is ready to think that the mother tongue is connected with one’s culture and sentiments.

There is no other word in Malayalam as innocent and lovable like ‘amma’. But it has become a word of the bygone day now cultural deterioration of the people. It doesn’t mean that English is not subject to be studied seriously. As far as the knowledge and expression of ideas are concerned English is to be placed high. It is a language of dignity.

The contribution of English to literature cannot be minimized. It is a world language with grandeur. But none of these arguments is an excuse to place English in place of Malayalam.

A language is closely connected with the cultural of those who speak that language. It is the language that acts as the origin and growth of its culture. To forget such a language means not only forgetting the culture of the land but also killing it. We are enriched with a grand and noble culture. But without considering it we are shouldering the remnants of the British Empire.