MORNING WALK: Essay Writing


Morning walk is a good exercise. It keeps us fir and fine. We remain happy the whole day. I go for a walk in the morning every day. I get early in the morning, brush my teeth, change my dress and go to Lodhi Gardens, which is quite near to my house. The scene in the early morning is beautiful. The birds are chirping. The whole atmosphere is fresh. Cool breeze blows. I walk on and on. Soon the sun rises. The dew drops shine on the grass. They look like pearls. I enjoy myself in the open air. I take four rounds of the garden. Then I do some exercises. I enjoy the beauty of the flowers in full bloom. There are a variety of flowers in the garden. I enjoyed their freshness. I reluctantly return home and get ready for the school. Morning walk keeps me fresh the whole day and makes my mind sharp. If I miss my morning walk even for a day, I feel dull and lazy throughout the day and do not feel like doing anything.