Mother Teresa is a saint who lived in the previous century along with us. She had dedicated her whole life to the cause of the poor, the weak, the suffering, the helpless, the down-trodden and the dejected. The Nobel Prize Foundation has ennobled itself by awarding Mother Teresa with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979.

Mother Teresa was born at Albania in Yugoslavia in 1910. At the age of twelve she decided to become a nun. At eighteen, she joined the order of Irish Loreto Nuns in Calcutta. After taking her vows, she be­came a teacher in the St. Mary’s High School, Calcutta; she spent the next twenty years. But, all these years, she was very much disturbed by the misery, she saw around in the slums of Calcutta. On September 10, 1946, she left the convent to work outside among the poorest of the poor.

After getting nursing training at Patna, she began her mission of love and care. She went around the streets of Calcutta, caring the sick, the forsaken and the dying. She begged the Calcutta Corporation for a place and started her work in a Dharamsala near the Kalighat Temple. From this small beginning, the missionaries now have near about 115 schools 450 mobile dispensaries, 120 Leprosy clinics, 50 homes for the abandoned children and 75 homes for the dying destitute.

 Mother Teresa was an embodiment of simplicity.

Mother Teresa was an apostle of love and peace. She understood that all the disturbances in the world began from home. If there is love among family members, naturally that love will spread out into the world. Then we don’t need bombs and guns to bring peace. In one of her messages, she said, “Let us love one another as God loves each one of us and so bring peace in our own heart, our home, our country and the world”.

She was completely endowed with divinity. She was devoted to a very noble cause-the uplift of the down-trodden. She spent the amount she got as Nobel Prize for the good of the poor. The Mother wanted nothing, owned nothing, claimed nothing. By means of love and care, she removed sorrow, pain and poverty from the world. We should fol­low Mother Teresa to bring the kingdom of Heaven on earth.