Choosing a career of one’s liking is not very easy and to achieve one’s ambition is still tougher. Like all other children in my primary school days I liked to be a bus driver, an engine driver, a doctor and so on. Now that I am bigger, I feel I would like to be a teacher.

I think teaching is a very noble profession. First of all, a teacher should be a model to all his students. By teaching, one has to further the education of one’s students and also shape them as worthy citizens of our country. A student expects his teacher to be able to clear all his doubts at least in the subject concerned. So a teacher should be thorough in his subject. Since a teacher deals with students of different traits, it is necessary for the teacher to be tactful, firm and to have a sense of humour too! Any sort of situation can crop up in a class! So common sense with quick-wit is an added asset for a teacher. I also think that a teacher will have a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction when he sees his old students doing well and occupying important positions in life.