We are all ambitious. But differ from person to person. Some want to amass wealth whereas some others wish to become actors, doctors or collectors. Yet some others like to be leaders or pleaders. Every person likes to enjoy a significant position in the society. He desires to gain a special position either by his wealth, art or intellect.

My ambition is to become a world sportsman. I want to be the world champion in running. The flying Singh Mr. Milkha Singh and the sprint queen Mrs. P.T.Usha are my inspirers. To have ambition is one thin and to achieve it is another thing. Anybody can have ambition but how many could make their ambition reality? I have a strong desire to reach my goal. So I engaged a very good coach to teach me proper techniques of running. He is coaching me excellently. I am grateful to my coach for hi constant and continuous guidance. One should be ambitious to achieve something in life, he says. I do hard work as suggested by my coach. I concentrate on my studies as well and get good results. He appreciated these qualities in me. Perhaps these are the assets my guide saw in me. That is why he planned to introduce me in world sports after five long years of rigorous training. He is sure about my success. My intuition tells me that one day I will win several gold medals for my country. To fulfill my ambition I have already started practicing regularly. I believe in doing my duty and leave the rest to God.

Our country is big with huge population but we get less gold medals compared to other smaller countries with much less population. This is sad fate of our country in sports. I don’t want to blame anybody for this sad state but I like to achieve the top position by own efforts. The best way of advocating a cause is to do it and achieve it. I will become a model sportsman for many young aspirants. I hope to bring many gold medals for my country.

I will serve my country without caring for money or others benefits. I will coach and guide several aspiring young lads. If I become a top runner and win gold medals for my country it will be a red letter day in my life.