Ramesh is my best friend. He is my class fellow for the last four years. We sit side by side in our class. All the other class fellows know that we are close friends. Most likes and dislikes are similar.

Ramesh is intelligent and good in studies. Particularly he is strong in mathematics. Often he helps weak students in mathematics. He uses the simplest possible methods to make the students understand complicated as well as simple problems of mathematics. For this, most students are thankful to Ramesh. They love him too much.

Ramesh is a good player of hockey. He is in the school hockey team for the last two years. He plays as centre- half. As a player he is hardworking and efficient. He possesses good stamina and can run fast. He can dribble well and maintain nice rapport between and defenders and offenders. In athletics he takes part in 200 and 400 metres flat races. He has won several prizes in athletics.

In school debates and essay competition Ramesh has a standing. He is a good orator and can deliver fine speeches. For any given topic he can speak in favour or against the topic.

I am proud to be the closed friend of Ramesh. We often visit each other’s house. My parents love Ramesh and similarly parents of Ramesh love me.