Mrs. Rita Sharma is my favour teacher. She teaches us English. She is an M.A., B.Ed. She is sincere in her duties and has a mastery over her subject. She is always cheerful. She doesn’t lose her temper. She is always neatly dressed. She usually wears saree. Sometimes she also wears Salwar suits. Her method of teaching is very simple and impressive. She makes the lessons very interesting. She caters to the needs of every student. She helps the poor student by giving them notebooks and uniform. She pays extra attention to the weak students and takes extra classes for them. Consequently, her students show good results every year. She loves all her students. All the students also love and respect her. She believes in ‘simple living and high thinking’. The principle consults her on all important matters. She also takes keen interest in the extra-curricular activities and prepares the children for various literary competitions. She has very friendly relation with all the other teachers. She has become popular among all the teachers and students. She is an asset to the school. We are lucky to have a teacher of such high Calibre and principles.