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My Hobby

A hobby is the best form of recreation to the mind and the body. It is an interesting activity of a person during his leisure time. It is very essential for relaxation and to get amused during our free time. Hobbies help us to spend our leisure time profitably and pleasantly. It gives us a change from the routine of our pro­fessional work. A hobby gives us not only pleasure, but it also helps us to earn money. It keeps a person active, busy and happy.

Hobbies are of various kinds. Reading, gardening, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, collection of stamps and coins, bird watching, fishing, swimming, photography and indoor games are the different kinds of hobbies. My favourite hobby is gardening. We have a spacious ground attached to our house. I have developed this open space into a beautiful garden. Gardening gives me a sense of joy, pride and pleasure.

I grow different kinds of flowering plants like roses and marygold in my garden. I have planted some fruit trees also in my garden. I also grow some of the vegetables that we need. Our needs for fruits and vegetables are wholly met from my garden and it gives me a sense of achievement. I am very proud of my garden. My father gives me money to buy seeds and fertilizers necessary for my garden. Every evening I spend an hour in my garden. I manure my plants regularly and water them daily. My garden is full of beautiful flowers. The flowers of different colours add beauty to my garden. Most of the flowers begin to blossom at night and a pleasant fragrance spreads everywhere. I find time to be in the garden to enjoy the cool breeze carrying pleasant fragrance.

My hobby gives me mental and bodily relaxation. Whenever I am tired, I go to my garden and stand in the midst of blooming flowers. The sweet fragrance of the flowers fills my nostrils and I feel active again. My hobby gives me pleasure and physical exercise.

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