MY HOBBY: Essay Writing


Each man and woman has a fascination for some or others activity as a special choice. It is known as hobby. Hobbies can be of many types. Some are too much interested in music and dance. Still others are interested in games, touring, collection of stamps, coins etc.

The hobby of reading books is good and interesting. Books are of different types and nature. These are books of short stories, fiction, novels, historical books, books on journey and tourism, books related to cooking, sewing, knitting etc. Some books are cheap while others are costly books. Of course, there are textbooks also. A man can have the hobby of reading any type of book.

Some have the hobby of drawing and painting. Painting may be various types and one can be interested in some specific type. Writing stories, poems, songs etc are also considered to be hobbies. One can be interested in any one of them.

We get all type of knowledge from books. Knowledge is the base of our life and we can progress in life with improving knowledge. Hence books are best friend of man.

Hobbies may be costly as photography or a cheap one as writing stories, poem etc. Most hobbies are interesting. My hobby is to read books. I devote a good amount of time my hobby and read different types of books.