Mr. Das Gupta is my next door neighbour. He is a Bengali. He is an Engineer, working in a multi-national firm. He is a perfect gentleman. His wife is a teacher in a Public School. They have two sons. The elder son is my class fellow. The entire family is very gentle and well mannered. Mr. Gupta is a favourite of the whole locality. He is very helpful. He is ready to help everybody round the clock. He doesn’t mind even if one knocks at his door at midnight for any kind of help. He is a great favourite of the children. Every Saturday evening, he arranges a party for children in his lawn. His wife is equally helpful, loving and affectionate. If we have any problem in our studies, she readily helps us. She prepares delicacies for us every now and then. Mr. Gupta’s sons are very friendly and helpful. They never boast of their classes. They are very good at games and sports. The elder son is the captain of our school cricket team. I feel that I am really very lucky to have such a nice family as my next door neighbour.