NATIONAL FLAG: Essay Writing


The national flag is a scared symbol of sovereignty as well as the ideals and aspiration of nationhood. Our national flag is a horizontal tricolor of saffron, white and green. The wheel in its centre is a replica of chakra, which appears of the abacus of Ashoka’s lion capital, now at Sarnath. The flag was adopted on 22nd July 1947. The saffron colour in our flag stands for courage, sacrifice and renunciation. White colour stands for the truth and purity – truth in our speech and purity of thought. The freshness of green represents prosperity, faith and chivalry. The twenty-four spokes of wheels are multiples of 8, representing the noble precepts of the eight- fold path taught by Buddha. The wheel itself denotes unceasing motion and progress. The flag hoisted daily on important public buildings. The flag has to be treated with respect, reverence and dignity, as it is the symbol of the nation. The flag should not be allowed to touch the ground and should not be used disrespectfully.