Our nation today is torn with conflicts plagued by crisis and shattered by animosity. There is blood bath in the name of religion, every department of human activity is politicized. Strides, violence and astrocitics have become the order of the day. Last but not the least corruption has shattered the rhythm of our national life, rendering it into dismal and doleful tunes. Horrified of the anarchy and chaos that reigns supreme; today national integration is felt to be the need of the hour.

We have to be wide awake to the threats of our hostile neighbours, China and Pakistan. National integration is also necessary for social peace and security. A country without peace cannot progress. If there is no peace and mutual trust, there is no progress has been made in the field of art and literature, science and technology. She cannot play a major role in international affairs when she is herself in disorders.

The clamours for “Azad Kashmir” “Khalistarf, “Hindu Rashtra” etc have the support of certain selfish quarters and political parties, who have put personal ambitions before national gains. Communal riots, ethnic strife, strikes and bandhs have become the norm of the day. Added to this, is the caste-based reservations in govt jobs and educational institutions which successive government of all hues have encouraged for vote bank politics.

But what can be done to salvage the situation? First and foremost every ambiguity in the constitution must be repeated and the punishment for anti national activities, treason, terrorist attack etc should be made harsh. Secondly, religion must be separated from politics. Let personal faith and religion be confined the portals of Mandirs, mosques, churches and Gurdwaras. Thirdly, a massive effort must be launched at the grass roots level of the society to inculcate in the general populace, the importance of national integration.

Another path tending to integration is by increasing people-to-people contact, so that they came to know about each other’s culture and traditions and thus understand their brethren better. Another solution to the problem integration is “Conscription” i.e. compulsory military training and service for every citizen. These bring the people closer. Lastly, it must be emphasized that national integration is possible, only if the people join hands and come together. They must consider themselves Indian’s first and only then as Hindus, Muslims and Christians etc. I conclude “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”

Instead of cursing the darkness, let us light a lamp, let us spread the message of patriotism around, acting in true brotherhood, sacrificing our very lives, if the situation demands, at the alter of Mother India.