India is a vast country. In India, many languages that are in existence. Hindi is the most common and followed by large percentages of population. Because the country adopted Hindi as the national language.

As India is a vast nation, So many difficult languages are spoken there. It causes a great hindrance in uniting country as a whole. So there should be one such language that unites a country as a whole. In our constitution 141 languages have been accepted as major languages.

Our National language-Hindi- links the whole nation in one. As English is considered to be an international language and it is spoken throughout the world, it is convenient for the people of every country so they try to learn it. In the same manner every country should have its own national languages as it links all the states with one another. For official works if there is no national language it would create practical difficulties.

A Common Language should have some peculiarities as it should be widely spoken and understood in most of the parts of our country. Secondly it should be rich. It should have an ability to express itself in the subjects of culture, religion, philosophy, literature and science etc. Its vocabulary should be highly rich and vast. It should be easy to follow.

Hindi is a language, most of the people of our country speak it. It is a scientific language. It has adopted so many foreign words without any hesitation, so we can say that it should be national language. National language has its own grace in any of the international society.

Now-a-days it is a great problem of our country. We can make Hindi a national language by arousing the feelings of national integration. It is only possible when public and govt, both will try to accept it as a national language.