Government of Kerala recently has decided to implement sex education in the state. Nevertheless, unluckily it was withdrawn because of some mass opinion against its implementation. The moralistic position they took on the issues was the main explanation of them for resisting the decision of the government. Actually, sex education is important in our country where prevalence of abusing child in sex linked crimes are reported recently ever more.

 There is no compromise in the country to begin sex and reproductive health education in the school and college curriculum. In addition, we know that parents are hesitating to speak to their children about the subject and other such matters. They all consider sex a taboo. This leads to ignorance.

 Actually, in schoolchildren learn biological changes in girls and boys and reproductive system, etc. They are learning only basics. They are not learning the topics of sexual contact and sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Unawareness about this matter leads them to dilemma about these matters. Remember, sex education is not sexual experimentation. Sex education in the right time helps the children to respect a boyfriend, a girlfriend and spouse and a technique to respect sexual preferences. It gives children an opportunity to talk about sex openly and to accept sex positively. It helps them to conclude that sex is a means to sustain life on earth. Therefore, they can avoid misunderstanding about sex.