In modern age, press plays an important role in shaping the future of a nation and we cannot do without newspaper. Newspapers are the mirrors of the world. It is according to H.G Wells, ‘the life and blood of a society’. It is difficult to imagine a world without newspaper. It brings to us news from every corner of the world- North, East, West and South. It is a source of advertisement and gives information to the unemployed youths. Through this media we develop trade, tourism and industry. The business people advertise through newspaper. It is a forum of public opinion. In a democratic country it plays a vital role. It is a link between the government and the public. It is also a means of publicity and propaganda. New scientific inventors and discoveries are made public through a newspaper. If there is a calamity in any corner, the people all over the world come to know of it through newspaper and rush to provide help. It is also a source of entertainment. Through it, we come to know of the fashions. It tells us of the new releases of the films. There is puzzles corner, jokes corner etc in a newspaper. Newspaper also has an educative value. There is children’s corner where articles relating to children’s interest are published.