NO PROBLEM – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #92

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 92:


As I write this I am arranging a training course for a large multinational IT company, to be held in its office in Singapore. (I work there regularly). With participants assembling from five countries, and an HR manager who keeps tinkering with the agenda, there are many arrangements to be made. This is a new client, and one with potential for the future. One thing about this situation illustrates an important principle.


When circumstance pose some difficulty …

There are two potential difficulties in this situation, which both link to the fact that my clients and I are 6,000 miles apart, and I want to ensure that this does not look in any way inconvenient at the client end. First, there is the question of language. My prime contact is Thai, and although he speaks good English, the potential for misunderstanding is greater than would be the case if we had the same first language. I need to take care, and just a little more thought and time than usual, to avoid any ambiguousness, and make sure everything is clear as we go along.

Second, there is a time difference between the two locations. If I have an e-mail in the morning, then I have only until about 11am to reply before the office day ends in Singapore. This is not always convenient; but it is important. I want my contacts to be seen as efficient – and it helps me too to get matters agreed and not extend the time it takes to do so. So I have to do some jugging to make this possible.

None of this is too difficult, but it does not need some thought. Any such awkwardness must always be handled carefully. We have no inalienable right to sell or deal with our customers in way that maximizes the convenience to us. In this case, if I want to work in the part of the world, I have to adjust a little to make it possible and make it work.

In practice

  • It can be easy in a busy life, and with demands always seeming to conflict, to find that we are unthinkingly putting ourselves first in various logistical ways.
  • But, whatever awkwardness you may face, it is a good idea to put the customer first. Only if the relationship works for them are they likely to see it as advantageous; and only then will they buy.

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