One caste, one religion, one God for mankind, the famous words by Sreenarayana Guru. Great men may die out their words are cherished forever. Jesus Christ said love your neighbour as you love yourself. But today’s world seems to have forgotten those words. These words are very relevant today.

India is a vast land with a vast population consists of people of different castes, creed, colours and communities. They are divided into so many castes and sub castes. They speak different languages and follow different customs. Thus we have been living as our nation for the last so many centuries, it is the unity in diversity.

Caste system Originated in India with the coming of Aryans. According to their occupation people divided into different castes. The division of labour among these communities and castes was to facilitate the society to run it well. But the same has become a curse today. The olden days no difference between high and low but today class distinction has reached their climax.

The British rulers, according to their policy of “divide and rule” they motivate the system of caste and made a chance to clash between the castes. They forced Muslims to believe in Hinduism. Because of this, they paved a way for communal riots and ultimately resulted in the formation of Muslim nation. Another problem raised was that Babri Masjid problem. Each community gaining the support of political parties and made the problem more worse.

This situation is not a common feature of India alone but in every nook and comer of the world. There are sort of disastrous and pitiable things happening in the name of God and religion.

Those who are fighting in the name of caste, God and religion, very often forget the basic truth that God has created every one alike and that everyone are his own children and that everyone is dear to him.

It is shame that even after 58 years of independence we could not completely eradicate the evils of caste system. The backward classes as still remain backward and are suffering in the clutches of the superior classes. The Govt has not been successful in putting an end to evil. India is a democratic country and we are giving due importance and respect to each and every religion and citizens.

Let us hope for a better world in the near future. Without caste, creed or community which are acting as barriers between man and man and in the development of every nation. Let us hope that friendliness will develop among nations which will help us to teach the oncoming generation the lesson that there is only one God, one religion and one caste. Let us all of us usher in a paradise on earth by mutual tolerance and fellow feeling. The best way to love God is to love mankind.