OUR LIBRARY: Short Essay


Like all other schools and colleges, we also have a good library at the school. There are all types of books in the library. There are all subject text books, story book, fiction, novels, books on literature, adventure, reference, hobbies and travels. For the children there are also jungle books, books on wild animals, stories etc.

The librarian selects books from different book-lists and catalogues of publishers, procure them and keeps them in the library. Before stocking these in the racks and almirahs, these books are classified- author wise and subject wise and a catalogue is prepared. Anyone wishing to have specific can consult the catalogue and get the book of his choice at the proper place.

Our class has been earmarked Monday third period for consulting books. We can also borrow books from the library for a week. We all visit the library and choose books of our liking. I have a fascination for books on travel. Normally, I read non-textbooks after my study hours.

Some of our friends do not follow the rules and regulations of the library. Not only they speak loudly in the library disturbing others, but also do not return their borrowed books to the library in time. It causes a lot of difficulty. At times, the most popular and interesting books are not returned by students so other who wish to borrow then just fail to get them. This should be avoided.

Now besides the school, government agencies also grant funds for the general library, so more books can be purchased and maintained in general libraries also.