Our national problems are mainly of two types. 1. External problems are those which are coming to us from outside. Some neighbouring countries and other countries create problems in India for their self interest and jealousy to our country. 2. Internal problems are those which are due to our national internal circumstances.

Our country has faced many struggles in such a short span of freedom. It faced the war with China in 1962, in 1965 and again in 1971 with Pakistan. Problems like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also disturbed our country.

Now-a-day our country has become the centre of home war. Everywhere there is chaos. Problems of smuggling is very big problem like illegal arms, currency notes, gold, drug like brown sugar, heroin, opium etc. and other consuming goods are smuggled to India from outside. Problems like Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, reservation, terrorism, class struggle and Ram Janma Bhumi, illiteracy, casting, poverty and population are very acute problems. These types of problem can make any country weak to its roots. Everywhere there is a gossip of bribe taking actions and corruptions. This is going on making of rich people richer and poor people the poorer.