Writing in ‘Young India’ on May 28, 1931 Gandhiji, Father of our nation made reference to the importance of Panchayat Raj i.e., administration by the villagers themselves, a local self government at the grassroots in a democracy.

Realizing the importance of Panchayat Raj, our constitution makers incorporated the idea of Panchayat institutions in directive principles of state policy. It would be the duty of the state to organize the village Panchayat and to endow them with such power and authority as may be necessary to enable them to function as units of self govt. It has given impetus to the village Panchayat in different states. It is a three tier system of local governing bodies at village, block and district level. Panchayat Raj emphasis the consolidation of these institutions and bringing in to sharp focus their role in building up free i India as a prosperous and strong nation.

Panchayat Raj has been the fundamental entity of our social and political order. Its revival would help the nation in eliminating all the evils like denial of resources to the real masses and exploitation associated with capitalism centralization and monopoly of powers.

Panchayat Raj is not merely a decentralized form of administration of village level. It is a medium through which the rural masses can express themselves on the administrative, social, political and economic problems. Facing the country and evolve on integrated Indian Community through a process of emotional integration.

Therefore, more statutory powers must be given by the Govt, to the village Panchayat for managing their affairs, mobilizing the resources   and ensure proper implementation in providing basic civic amenities to the villages without inordinate delay.

Numerous evils like corruption, family funds, political pressures, communal and caste factors in making decisions, endless intrigues and exploitation of the authority by the Panchayat should be avoided and eliminated. Then Panchayat Raj would be real Panchayat Raj and can be successful in achieving the objective concept of Gram Swaraj that is Village Self Govt.