Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the greatest statesmen India has ever produced. People respected and adored him. Children called him “Chacha Nehru” affectionately.

Jawaharlal was a Kashmiri Brahmin, who was born at Allahabad on November 14, 1889. He was the only son of Pandit Moti Lai Nehru, a distinguished lawyer and Shrimati Sarup Rani, a pious and noble lady. Jawaharlal proved a worthy son of a worthy father.

Pandit Nehru was brought up in the lap of luxury. He had his for­mal education in England. There he qualified as a barrister. Later he came back to India and took a keen interest in the politics of the coun­try. He joined the Indian National Congress and won a name for him­self.

In 1929, he was elected President of the Congress session at Lahore. The resolution of complete independence was passed under his president ship. He had to suffer many hardships for the sake of his moth­erland. He spent about thirteen years in jail.

Jawaharlal was a great leader. He was a man of iron will and strong character. He was fearless and bold. Even in his old age, he had plenty of energy. He was a great politician and statesman. His voice was the voice of India. In fact, he was a leader without a rival.

Moreover, he was a fine scholar and a great author. He wrote sev­eral books of great merit which won him a great name. He was also a great orator. People flocked to hear him.

He was the first Prime Minister of Free India. He held this office until his death. During his premiership, he raised the status of our country and won great fame. He encouraged the economic development of the nation. He was a true disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. He was a pillar of strength and source of inspiration to all.

He passed away on May 27, 1964. With his death, an epoch in our country’s history came to an end. He was a giant among men. His birth­day is celebrated as Children’s Day all over India. He is no more with us, but his memory will always live.