Persuasive speech topics about A RAINY DAY

Persuasive speech topics about A RAINY DAY

Rains are a great blessing to mankind. In an agrarian economy like India, they play a vital role in the economic progress. Sometimes they may prove to be curse when they cause floods.

This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was June and the schools were reopened. The scorching sun and the stifling heat had made our life unbearable. When the clouds appear on the sky, everybody become happy. When the south-west monsoon sets in, we get fairly heavy rains every day. But it seldom keeps raining round the clock. I remember a day in the last June when it rained for the whole day. When I woke up at six in the morning, there was no sunlight outside. The sky was overcast with dark and thick clouds. After some time a cool breeze began to blow. It seemed that rain was imminent. Then suddenly it started raining heavily. I came out of my room and stood on the verandha and watched the rain. Soon it started raining in torrents. I looked at our garden. There was water all round the house. No patch of grass could be seen. I knew that the school would not work on such a day and so remained at home. It kept pouring as if someone had let the sky open.

By noon, all the roads and streets were flooded with water. There was knee deep water on certain roads. The torrential rains affected the traffic on the roads. From my house I could see happy children running and playing in the rain water. They made paper-boats and played with them. The rain brought misery to some people. Many houses in the low-lying areas were full of water. Even at four in the evening, it was raining, but with less severity. Nature suddenly turned fresh. The farmers were very happy and they were seen working in the fields.

It continued to rain in the night also. I went to bed early and lay awake for some time listening to the sound of rain drops on the roof. Soon I fell asleep. The next morning I was told that the weather had changed after the heavy rain.

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