Persuasive speech Topics on AN EARLY MORNING WALK

Persuasive speech on ‘AN EARLY MORNING WALK’

Of all the recreations that men indulge in, a morning walk is the most rewarding. The air is fresh and free of dust and smoke. There is hardly any traffic on the roads. Once can enjoyed one’s walk peacefully. As one walk’s, one’s cares and anxieties drop away. An early morning walk is undertaken before the day dawns.

In the early morning, nature is at its best. It is the time when nature sheds its darkness and enters the domain of light. A cool breeze is blowing and it invigorates the body and the soul. The green leaves of the tree whisper in the wind. Dew drops shine like pearls on the blades of the green grass and leaves of the trees. The tall trees appear as dark shadows. There is no din and noise. Only the sweet chirping of the birds pleasures our head and heart.

A pause for a few moments to look at nature in the early morning hours brings us riot of colours all round. The flowers laden with dew dance merrily and spread their fragrance. So much colour is splashed on all sides. The aroma of their air gathered from the bushes, grassy patches and leaves of trees is pure and healthy to breathe. The birds sing cheerfully. It is a pleasant sight to see the first rays of the sun touching the earth. An early walker feasts his eyes on such sights and his ears on such sounds. A walk in a big park or on the bank of a stream is even more rewarding.

To walk in such an atmosphere refreshes the body and soothes the mind. The more one walks, the healthier one becomes. It is not a mere walk. It is to prepare one fare the hard day ahead. The morning walk tones up the whole system of the body. It prepares a man for the day’s work. A morning walk stands for the beginning of the day as it rejuvenates both the body and the spirit. What is well begun is half done. He who goes for a morning walk wins all the battles during the day. Thus an early morning walk enables a man to develop a sound in a sound body.

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